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Concrete Specialist

We have a well-reputable team of concrete contractors that are experienced, licensed, and bonded. With just one of our contractors upholding 30+ years in the trade. We take pride in our work and only provide quality and sustainable work. 

Professional work for a fair price.

Here at SC&C we are dedicated to serving our local communities and are happy to offer professional quality work at an affordable price. Providing smiles to our clients, and alleviating headaches are what we strive for! 

    Welcome to Strongsville Concrete and Construction!

    We are a family owned construction company and we are dedicated to serving our local communities by providing a variety of concrete & construction services. We take pride in how efficient and professional our work is. With our experience, hard working crews, and equipment, we are able to handle a larger work load. We offer free, no-obligation estimates. If you need work done today, there is no excuse to come tap in with us!

    What We Offer for You

    We have the essential equipment to provide a wide range of services to you.

    Driveways/ Sidewalk

    Patios/ Garages

    Decorative concrete


    Light Construction

    Junk/ trash removal

    Our Projects


    Concrete can vary in cost depending on project size and criteria. Typically our prices range from 9-14 dollars per square foot.

    Some of the most solid and permanent building materials in the world are concrete related. 

    Typically there is little to no maintenance with concrete. Besides having to put a optional sealant over a decorated patio to make it pop more, concrete is maintenance free!

    Concrete can not only be fashionable, but it is very durable as well. concrete is permanent and can boost the  value of your home!  


    This is a pre concrete pour process called forming.


    After it is formed, we pour the concrete in and it gets shaped in its container. When the concrete is wet, it forms like Jello.

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    About us

    We are a father-son team that are dedicated in our work. 100% satisfactory guaranteed. Most contractors like to cut corners, we cut joints.